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There are 100 volunteers (including 30 transition year students) working at McAuley Place, and all are vital and equal members of our team.

Here at McAuley Place we are committed to working with each person on an individual basis and as part of a team. We want to build a mutually beneficial relationship in which our valued volunteers use their strengths, passions, and dedication, not only to benefit McAuley Place and the wider community, but also to positively enhance their own lives.

We try to ensure the correct fit between the want of the volunteer and the needs of McAuley Place. We offer a range of areas which are suitable to be undertaken by volunteers, these include the following.

  • Reception
  • Administration
  • Tea rooms
  • Crafts
  • Arts and Culture Centre
  • Grounds / Garden Maintenance
  • Housekeeping
  • Volunteer office
  • Shop

As the organisation has grown, so too has the need for volunteers, therefore, we constantly endeavour to attract male and female volunteers to fill our ever-expanding requirements.

Volunteer or Share a skill

To volunteer, complete the form below or contact our volunteer coordinator for further details. To share a skill, email us with details of your skill(s) and we will be delighted to explore opportunities together.

t: 087 4558700
t: 045 897833

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