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The creation of the ‘Health through Learning Centre’ will involve the restoration and extension of existing listed buildings on the McCauley Place site.

It will consist of a lobby area, three distinct creative spaces, and accommodation for an artist- in- residence together with ancillary services. It will also include the redevelopment of the original convent kitchen garden - restoration of existing garden walls, creation of accessible pathways, and sensitive planting in the garden. The new Centre will complement and greatly enhance our existing facilities at McAuley Place,

This new Centre will further strengthen the capacity of NnRHA to respond to the changing national and international standards in meeting the needs of rapidly ageing populations while increasing opportunities for meaningful intergenerational engagement.

It will support and enable people to live healthily and independently and to be active participants in their communities as they grow older. This Centre will enable us to strengthen our capacity to promote well-being in later life by addressing a greater range of needs of healthy and active ageing ; this particularly relates to older peoples’ participation in society and to the way in which programmes and services for older people are provided.

It will ensure greater social inclusion for our residents and members of the wider community by further integrating them into the local community and promoting better health through ongoing learning.

The new Centre will provide a space where young and old can BE while also enjoying the possibility of exchanging and learning new and old skills.

It can assume the role of a drop in centre for young and old and be seen as a gathering space for the community. It will provide older persons, with limited social interactions,  the opportunity to spend time in a calming yet creative environment.

This will be a “hang out” space for young and old, offering opportunities to renew and make friendships, to meet with other members of the community and to create and engage in lifelong learning.

Margharita Solon, Chairperson